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Medical Billing and Coding Schools Online 2016: Medical Billing and Coding related with the field of medical science and most importantly it depends on the patient health. Most of us are searching for Medical Billing and Coding Schools for study. Medical Billing and Medical Coding are not the same but very similar in Today’s healthcare Business. Before study these two terms in combine manner, we have to study both the terms separately to understand things better. Separate study also helps in understanding the things better and most importantly, it also helps in evaluating both the terms and different aspect of both. So as we discussed, we have two terms: The first one is Medical Coding, and second one is Medical Billing. Here we start with the first one called “Medical Coding”.

Medical Billing and Coding Schools


Medical Billing and Coding Explanation

Medical Billing and Coding


Medical Coding

As per Medical Billing and Coding Schools: Medical Coding is just a simple term and we people are aware of this term. Medical Coding is not as much complex as we people think. Most of the people say ‘Medical Coding’ is difficult to understand but there is nothing like that. For understanding Medical Coding you just need to focus on it. So let’s start from here to understand, what actually Medical Coding is?

Medical Coding is just a basic term in medical field or it is something like translation of some unreadable information into codes. Medical Coding is basically depends on the codes which generates through the Diagnosis (analysis) of a patient.

Let’s take an example: When a doctor check or diagnosis a patient then he prepare a prescription for specific medication and that medication is not in understandable form, which is solved by a Medical Coder by converting it in to a specific code, which is easy to understand.


It’s like a job of Medical Coder which receives certain diagnosis of Prescription or Medication by the doctor and Medical coder will translate it accurately in a best possible manner in the form of alphanumeric and numeric. For all types of diagnosis injuries, operations and medical treatment, there is a corresponding code, which is solved by a Medical Coder Specialist.

There are thousands of diseases through which a human body infected, for procure those diseases there are millions of codes for medical treatment, outpatient treatment and diagnosis as well.

Let’s take an example of Medical Billing and Coding Schools:

Suppose a Sick man (Patient) go to the doctor clinic with a disease called Viral Fever. Doctor’s assistant (nurse) ask patient about their symptoms and also performing some primary test and after getting the report, the doctor personally examines the sick person and analyze him deeply. After the understanding of whole situation the doctor recommend medication to the sick person (patient).


The most important part of this scenario is, each and every meet of the patient is recorded by someone in the healthcare office and by doctor itself. The job of the medical coder is to translate all genuine information of that patient visit to doctor. All these translated information should be in alphanumeric and numeric codes. And finally this information will be used for Medical billing Process.


Additional Information in Medical Coding

In the Medical Coding field there are large numbers of multiple and single code and Medical Coder should be well-known or familiar with these codes. There are mainly two types of codes, which are mostly used in Medical Coding field. Medical Coding Codes are as follows by Medical Billing and Coding Schools:

  1. ICD Codes :  Which stands for International Classification of Diseases
  2. CPT Codes : Which stands for Current Procedure Terminology

Medical Coder is much known about these two Medical Coding Codes.


Purpose of ICD Codes

ICD Codes: These codes are related with patient’s sickness and injury. These are mostly used for health purposes and clinical purposes.

Purpose of CPT Codes

CPT Codes: These codes are related with Patient and Healthcare provider. CPT codes are related with the services and functions performed by healthcare for their patients.

CPT codes are playing a role of the universal language between the Hospitals, doctors, insurance clearing agencies, government agencies, insurance companies and other health care organizations.

The Medical Coder checks the patient report sent by healthcare providers. This report consist patient visits and information related with the patient in to a code. Each and every code has its own rules and guidelines. The Medical Coder process finished when he enters the right code in the software program or in the form. When the report is fully coded then it will pass on to the Medical billing Department.


Medical Billing:-

How many of you know about Medical Billing? If you are one of them have less information about this term then we are here to increase the volume of your information. This blog is being cited to inform you about the above mentioned topic.  Let’s take a look.

What is all about the Medical Billing:-

In short, it is a kind of process which is not undertaken by a single individual since there are many people who also get indulged in this process like office staff, administrator, receptions, medical biller and coder too. If you are going to kick off your career in this field, then you must understand every step belong to the field. Medical billing does not sound pretty much simple. Being a medical biller, you have to accumulate information from the medical coder in order to make bill.

Let’s understand the whole process in an easy way. For example, there is a patient having cough and fever. And he/she called doctor for have an appointment. And this the point from where the process of medical billing gets started. Let’s understand what types of job should be done from the end of Medical Biller.


What Type of responsibilities expected from a Medical Biller:-

  1. And the medical biller takes the codes showcasing that what sort of next visit is.
  2. What types of symptoms have been noted down by the patients?
  3. Being a Medical Biller, you have to maintain what doctor diagnosed.
  4. And what is prescribed by the doctor.
  5. And after maintaining all these above mentioned data, it is sent to an insurance company to claim.

The 3 Primary Job of Medical BILLER:-

  1. Check out the individual’s responsibility for doing payment as they can be varied from patient to patient.
  2. As a Medical Biller, you have to examine insurance coverage, medical charges etc., to prepare accurate billing form.
  3. And then collect the payment either from the insurance plans or individual patients.


The Importance / Need of Medical BILLING:-

It helps to cover various things and help to figure out what kind of insurance plan is hold by the patient. For example; if there is any bronchitis-afflicted patient who an insurance plan covering the type of visit and treatment for this condition, then the bill will be relatively low. And the medical biller will collect the collect the paper from patient showcasing the arrangement with the insurance company. And then the accurate bill will be prepared by the medical biller. In the case if patient is not in the mood to pay the bill, the medical biller have to hire a collection agency. And it’s the medical biller which bridge the gap between healthcare, patients and insurance companies.

Saying would not be wrong that many things have been changed with the new age technology. And Medical Biller is one of them which emerged as a prominent job. It’s a way of modern health care industry.  After Medical Billing, it’s medical coding which is very important. For More Updates on Medical billing and coding School will Update soon. Stay connected with us.